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Waze is welcoming the arrival of Unicorns

If you’re using Waze on a regular basis for driving directions, then you’re in for a treat. Each month, the app brings its loyal users new driving experiences meant to make commuting a bit less stressful.

After adding famous bands and sports personalities to its app, Waze is bringing something directly from the fairytales: unicorns.

Waze announced a new driving experience called Unicorn, which will infuse every trip you take with magic and majesty. The legendary creature is supposed to make your every drive a captivating adventure, but only if you truly believe in them.

If you’re using Waze, you can now access the Unicorn mood and voices by clicking “Customize your drive”, or by heading to Settings / Voice & sound / Waze voice.

The new Unicorn driving experience will also allow you to change your vehicle to Pony Ride. To do that, go to Settings / Map display / Car icon and find the Unicorn moods in their profile settings.

Keep in mind that the new Unicorn driving experience (English-only) will be available for download until October 11. If you don’t believe in unicorns (which is a mistake), expect a new one to drop next month, and then the month after too.

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