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Top Family Cellphone Plans in Canada 2023

If you’ve got multiple phones in your household, it’s best to have them all on the same plan. This not only saves money but also helps in managing data and avoiding any complications.

The top family phone plan in Canada is Rogers’ Infinite Family Plan. They offer significant discounts on additional lines, making it a great choice for households with multiple phones. For instance, they provide 200GB of shareable 5G data for $160/month for a household with four lines.

For a more affordable option, you can check out Koodo’s plan, which offers 40GB of 4G LTE data for $145/month. This can be a good choice for couples or individuals who want to save money by combining their lines onto one plan.

Please note that the formatting and images have been removed from the original article. For more information and to view the plans, you can visit the respective provider’s website.

Here are the best family phone plans in Canada:

**Best Unlimited Data Family Phone Plan**

Rogers | Infinite Family Plan | $160/month for four lines

This plan is the best option for families in Canada. With just $160/month, you can share 200GB of full-speed 5G data for up to four lines. The primary phone lines start at $55/month and include 5G speeds, nationwide coverage, and unlimited Canada-wide long-distance calling. You can add a second, third, or fourth line starting at $35/month and enjoy savings with share plans. As an added perk, you’ll also get six free months of Disney+. You can bring your own phone to keep costs lower, but if you’re interested in getting a new iPhone or Android device, Rogers offers some of the best smartphones on the market for $0 down.

**Best Value Family Phone Plan**

Koodo | Family Plan | $145/month for four lines

Koodo’s postpaid plans offer Shock-Free Data to prevent unexpected data overage charges. To take advantage of this deal, all plans on your account must be $45/month or higher. By signing up and activating online, you can save an additional $5/month on ALL lines for one year. With this plan, you’ll get four phone lines with nationwide 4G LTE data on the Telus Mobility network and unlimited Canada-wide long-distance minutes.

**Best Family Phone Plan for Couples**

Freedom Mobile | $30/month for two lines

For couples looking for a great deal, Freedom Mobile offers an excellent plan. For just $30/month, you’ll get 15GB of data to split between two lines. Freedom Mobile now offers 5G on a larger network through its partnership with Videotron. If you want to learn more about their coverage and read a review of the carrier, you can visit their website.

Please note that the article has been reformatted and images have been removed for a better reading experience. For further details on each plan, you can click on the “View plan” link provided in each section.

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