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Durability Test Reveals iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Disappointing Performance

The new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max from Apple boast titanium sides, which are expected to enhance their durability compared to their stainless steel predecessors. Although the iPhone 15 Pro is still relatively new, initial reports suggest that its overall durability may not be as impressive as anticipated.

In terms of scratch resistance, the phone’s display proves to be highly resilient, exhibiting visible marks only at Mohs level 7. While the titanium frame is prone to scratches, the back of the phone remains scratch-free. Additionally, the camera lenses demonstrate great resistance against scratches.

On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro Max incorporates titanium bands but utilizes aluminum for its internal structure. Apple employed a thermo-mechanical process to weld these two metals together. The back glass of the phone is removable, which enhances repairability.

In a bend test conducted by Nelson, the back glass of the iPhone 15 Pro cracked almost immediately upon bending. This outcome was surprising, as most smartphones, especially iPhones, tend to withstand bend tests better than this. Nelson posits that either titanium, with its higher tensile strength compared to aluminum, or its lesser elasticity may have exerted excessive pressure on the glass.

Another potential factor is that the modular nature of the glass may render it more vulnerable to breakage, as it is no longer firmly affixed to the back of the phone. The silver lining is that the cost of repairing the back glass has become more affordable compared to previous models.

Despite the cracked back glass, no major issues arose during the torture test, and the iPhone 15 Pro continued to function without any problems.

Phones Canada Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided in this article is based on external sources and early reports. Further testing, as well as real-world usage, may be required to fully assess the durability and performance of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

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