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Google Unveils Fresh “Gems” Assortment of Ringtones and Alarm Sounds for Every Pixel Phone

Google has released a new collection of ringtones, notification sounds, and alarm sounds exclusively for Pixel phones. The collection, called “Gems,” is now available through the Pixel-exclusive Sounds app.

The “Gems” collection joins the existing wide range of options for customizing sounds on Pixel phones. Some of the notable collections include “Pixel Sounds” and “Seasonal Celebrations,” which offer unique tones and sounds during special occasions.

Google has been adding more visual customization options to their Pixel smartphones, and now they are also giving some attention to sounds in the latest update to the Pixel “Sounds” app. The updated version 3.1 (567492877) can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and is compatible with all Pixel devices.

The new sounds in the “Gems” collection are designed to be more modern, vibrant, and richer-sounding compared to previous offerings. They are more detailed, varied, and complex than standard ringtones found in third-party apps. The collection includes a total of eight ringtones, nine notification sounds, and nine alarm sounds, all named with an earthy vibe.

To access the new sounds on your Pixel phone, simply open the Settings app and go to the Sound & Vibration section. From there, you can access the individual menus for Phone ringtone, Default notification sound, or Default alarm sound. Underneath the “Pixel Sounds” category, you will find the new “Gems” collection.

This addition is great news for Pixel phone owners who are looking to personalize their ringtones and other sounds. The “Gems” collection offers a variety of styles, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Pairing these new sounds with a matching wallpaper, such as those from the upcoming Pixel AI Wallpapers or from the Pixel Superfan community, can enhance the overall customization experience.

Source: Phonearena.com

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