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New photos reveal significant defect on rear glass panel of iPhone 15 Pro

Recently, a Reddit user by the name of “mr_rakue” shared photos of their iPhone 15 Pro displaying what appears to be frayed edges just below the right corner of the back panel. The user reported noticing some sort of adhesive peeling along the back edges of the phone. Another Redditor, “JDT33658,” also experienced a similar issue with their iPhone 15 Pro after two days of use and was told by Apple that the adhesive used to keep the rear glass held down was not applied correctly.

If you encounter this issue with your iPhone, it is advised not to pick at the flaw or pull it. Additionally, it is important to exercise caution with water exposure as the material unraveling could potentially affect the IP68 dust and water resistance of the phone. It is recommended to bring the iPhone to an Apple Store or an authorized repair center for assessment and potential resolution of the issue.

Some Reddit users suggested that the phone may be fake or that the rear glass panel was installed incorrectly during a previous repair, although these claims were denied by the owner. Another Reddit user named “TheManchot” shared a similar experience with their iPhone 15 Pro series unit and advised against pulling at the adhesive, stating that it impacts the IP68 rating, and recommended using a sharp, thin razor blade to carefully remove the adhesive.

This issue appears to potentially be a manufacturing defect, and affected users are encouraged to seek assistance from Apple at an authorized service center or Apple Store as soon as possible. We will have to wait for Apple to make a determination regarding this situation.

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