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Google’s latest ad showcases Pixel’s innovation, giving iPhone a run for its money

You’ve probably seen those ads by Google for the Pixel that use stop-motion animation to portray Pixel and iPhone as two best friends. While the Pixel usually gets the last word in or mentions a feature that it has but the iPhone doesn’t, what would you expect from an ad paid for by Google and designed to promote its phone. Still, no matter what sign of the aisle you’re on, if you’re a phone enthusiast you’ve probably enjoyed viewing them.

The latest adventure is Halloween-themed which makes sense with October upon us. With a full moon shining down on both of them, Pixel and iPhone are in the woods as Pixel tells a scary story about an older phone that lives in the woods. The ad starts just after Pixel is telling the spooky story, “…and some say on a quiet night, you can still hear his full QWERTY keyboard click-clacking in these very woods,” says Pixel. “Click-clack, click-clack,” Pixel says in a scary voice as she approaches iPhone. And yes, iPhone says that she is scared.

But it wasn’t the story that was giving iPhone the heebie-jeebies. It’s the future that has Apple’s handset concerned. When Pixel tries to find out what’s bothering iPhone, the latter responds by pointing out that Pixel has a big launch coming up (October 4th, by the way) and “You’re going to be getting all kinds of attention,” iPhone says to Pixel. “People are going to be talking about your ground-breaking AI features and your eye-catching design. And they’ll be comparing us. Who’s got the best camera? Who’s got the best AI?”

It seems that iPhone is concerned that she and Pixel won’t be best friends after the Made by Google event. But Pixel reminds her, “You’ve just had a launch event and we’re still good.” But iPhone is still worried. “I got like a different mute button, a dynamic-er island, and a new charging port.” Finally, iPhone spits out what has her concerned. She asks Pixel, “What if your launch is more in-in-innovative?” Pixel replies, “No launch is bigger than our friendship.”

Just then, that older phone haunting the woods with the physical keyboard comes out to put a scare into Pixel and iPhone. And Google reminds us that “Scary cool updates” are coming on October 4th. Stay tuned for our coverage of the Made by Google event.

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