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Introducing Siri from Edinburgh: How iOS 17 Causes a Woman’s Frustration and Renders Naming Her a Challenge

Back in 2014, when iOS 8 introduced the “Hey, Siri” feature, it amazed many users. People were excitedly murmuring those magic words to summon the virtual assistant on their iPhones. Since then, a woman named Siri Price, who resides in Scotland, has had her friends and clients learn to avoid saying “Hey” when greeting her. This wasn’t too bad until the iOS 17 update came along.

With the new iOS update, users can now activate their iPhone’s digital assistant by simply saying “Siri” instead of “Hey, Siri”. This seemingly harmless change has created quite a predicament for Siri Price. Nowadays, Siri can’t even have her name spoken out loud because iPhones around her get triggered and start beeping. It’s quite ironic considering Siri Price is a personal trainer who works in a gym with a lot of people around.

Siri Price, reminiscing about the time when people would say “Hey, Siri”, has learned to live her life without hearing the familiar greeting. However, she managed to keep her name intact back then. According to Siri Price, “I work in a gym with a lot of people around, so everyone learned quite quickly not to say ‘Hey’ when they greet me or there would be a lot of bleeping going on. It was annoying but manageable.” But now, due to the iOS 17 update, even her own name triggers iPhones around her.

Siri Price expressed her frustration with the iOS 17 change, saying, “Now people can’t even say my name. I’m absolutely fuming.” To add to her troubles, her boyfriend, who owns an iPhone, updated to iOS 17. Every time he spoke to her, his phone would wake up, triggered by her name. As a side note, there are a few solutions to this “boyfriend situation”:

1. Siri (Price) can purchase her beloved one a OnePlus device, for example.
2. The boyfriend can start addressing Siri with terms of endearment like “baby,” “dear,” “love,” and many more.
3. Finally, he can choose to turn off Siri’s voice triggers altogether.

However, the problem extends beyond just her boyfriend. Even if they were to remove Apple devices from their home or refrain from uttering her name out loud, Siri still encounters other people. Therefore, the most practical solution seems to be changing her name. After all, technology gives and takes away.

Siri Price explained, “My workmates had to come up with a workaround because people’s phones have been going off non-stop.” Her solution has been for people to call her “Siz” instead.

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